Friendly, Regular, Reliable.
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Friendly, Regular, Reliable Cleaning Services.

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Windows, Gutters, Facias, & Soffits.

We offer two types of cleaning service. The traditional way using a bucket, some water, some cleaning fluid, and some elbow grease, and a modern way using a powered Pure Water System. The Pure Water System and the “Reach & Wash” method of window cleaning utilises a 5 Stage Water Treatment System and Carbon Fibre Waterfed Poles to deliver 100% pure water to the window.

The water treatment system utilises Reverse Osmosis and mixed bed De-mineralising Resin to produce 100% pure, Laboratory grade water. The nature of de-mineralised water is to strive to return to its natural impure state by actively absorbing all dirt, chemicals and minerals it comes across. When used for Window Cleaning, provided the correct technique has been used, the final rinse water dries to a perfect finish. In fact the window isn’t just clean, it’s left totally sterile. As no chemicals or detergents are used, the process is environmentally friendly. Traditional window cleaning leaves behind sticky soap residue, which attracts fresh dirt back to the window, while windows cleaned with the Reach & Wash System actually stay cleaner for longer!

Driveways & Patios.

We clean all Driveways & Patios using our powered Pure Water system. As no chemicals or detergents are used, the process is environmentally friendly.

Pure Water SystemNot to mention safe for your pets and plants.

Our high pressure delivery system ensures no crack or crevice is missed, and your driveway and/or patio is ready for use straight away.

Concreate, Tarmac, Brick, and slabs, it doesn’t matter.

Our Powered Pure Water System will work on them all, without damaging or marking them in any way.