Friendly, Regular, Reliable.
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Friendly, Regular, Reliable Cleaning Services.

Give us a call today and see how we can help you. Free quotes provided on request.

“What a star, Paul is reliable, friendly and did a great job on the shop windows for us. Nice attention to detail. Thanks Paul…highly recommend”

Georgina Micklethwaite – Director – Gallery 370 Bristol

We can clean your windows one of two ways. The traditional way, using a bucket, some water, some cleaning fluid, and a squeegee. Or we can use our onboard Pure Water System, which as well as removing any impurities from the water, leaves a streak free finish.

We don’t mind which method you choose of course, as we know your’ll be happy with the results of either, however we would strongly suggest you try the pure water system and see the results for yourself.

Gutters blocked with leaves and other debris cause them to overflow. This can lead to discolouration of your brickwork and driveway and over a prolonged period can damage both. We not only clean your gutters out but wash them and any facias and soffits down.

Our high pressure delivery system ensures no crack or crevice is missed while our Pure Water System is ensures no harm come to the environmentally, your pets, or your plants.

We clean all Driveways & Patios using our powered Pure Water system. As no chemicals or detergents are used, the process is environmentally friendly. Not to mention safe for your pets and plants.

Our high pressure delivery system ensures no crack or crevice is missed, and your driveway and/or patio is ready for use straight away. Concrete, Tarmac, Brick, and slabs, it doesn’t matter. Our Pure Water System will work on them all; without damaging or marking them in any way.